Artificial Intelligence at your service

Our scoring models owe their ​superb performance to the use of machine learning techniques and experienced data scientists. When building dedicated scoring model we are testing several different methodologies and provide you with solution that suits your case best.

Perfectly designed SAAS

You do not need to spend money on purchasing scoring models and you don’t have to pay any maintenance or servicing fees. We offer you a fully functional API and our assistance in its integration with your company’s software systems.

Exceptional on the market responsiveness to queries

You receive query results in just 1.5 seconds, which gives you an extraordinary competitive advantage on the financial market.


Average query execution time

There are no barriers in the development of possible data types

We work with data from customer’s bank accounts, banking credit information bureaus, non-banking credit information bureaus, device data, and internet data.

Continuous improvement

With the use of machine learning, we are able to recognize all transaction types, categorize them and create customer’s specific profile based on the collected behavioral data.

System updates and maintenance are not your headache anymore

You do not bear the expense, or the burden of integrating our systems with your company’s software. We provide support for all updates, service, maintenance or customization. You simply use our ready-made API and submit queries – we take care of the rest.

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