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Building scoring models based on AI algorithms

Every scoring model we build is based on customer’s unique attributes and allows you to precisely evaluate the probability of success and estimate the risk involved in your actions . In less than 1.5 seconds from the moment of your request our API will provide you with response, which enables you to use our solution in online processes. The score value can indicate the likelihood of the customer purchasing your services, their ability to repay the loan or any other predictable goal requested by you.

At Data Ninja we use machine learning techniques that enables us to deliver highly accurate results and optimize your strategy over time. We are focused on short time to market solutions and flexible deployment (SAAS or on-premises). Because of that you are able to use power of machine learning in most convenient way.

Working directly with Data Ninja, you don’t have to spend large amount of money to purchase scoring models that need to be operated by your employees. We do not require any advance payments, instead, we use pay per query billing system. This means that we cover the cost of building the scoring model and it’s implementation. You do not have to pay any other fixed fees but only for the queries you actually run. There is no financial risk for you when starting cooperation with us.

The advantages of working with Data Ninja:

  • customized scoring models using machine-learning technology
  • no maintenance fees
  • cost-free updates
  • payments based on queries sent to API – pay per query billing system
  • no period of notice for termination of services – cancel at any time

Potential benefits of using our scoring models:

  • fast model implementation and effortless integration - ready in one day
  • query results in less then 1.5 seconds
  • improvement in customer’s approval rates
  • proven increases in customer loyalty
  • scoring models on average: AU ROC 0,75-0,80; KS 0,45-0,50
  • two modes for software deployment: SAAS or On-Premise, based on your company’s specific needs

Bank account analysis

Our categorization system analyzes the type of financial transactions and creates individual behavioral profiles based on collected data. Customer’s account transactions are divided into the following sample categories: income, purchases, loans, gambling, entertainment, and health.

The data ​obtained ​are used for:

  • manual or automatic customer verification, for example, when applying for a loan or with income verification
  • risk management during data input for scoring models
  • the debt collection process through customer’s contact details
  • marketing strategies creating targeted advertising campaigns or in cross-selling products

Our system utilizes the following transaction data: date, title, billing information, payee information, amount, currency, and transaction charge. With this broad range of information, we are able to provide comprehensive feedback that:

  • calculates income, inflows, and outflows related to credit rating
  • aggregates financial information, or in other words, identifies types of income and dynamic transactions over time
  • creates a customer’s behavioral profile. This includes their buying behavior, whether they have children, where do they spend their vacations, do they own a house, ​cars, ​etc.
  • geolocates, which allows pinpointing all the addresses of the customer’s transactions
  • supports skip-tracing which involves accessing all contact details found in their bank account

The collection, analysis, and verification of the necessary data is performed in compliance with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Advantages of our categorization module:

  • geolocation, customer profiles and skip-tracing - unique features on the market
  • speed
  • machine-learning capabilities; consistent improvements based on continuous feedback from our customers
  • ongoing support and troubleshooting
  • quality-tested modules
  • more than 50 millions transactions used to train categorization model

Benefits of working with Data Ninja:

  • ability to define individual categories
  • competitive pricing
  • guaranteed return on investment
  • compliance with PSD2 and GDPR
  • tested solutions only
  • flexibility of solutions
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